For any school, just having a tracking system isn’t enough in itself to support pupil progress or the planning needs of staff. It can easily become just a means to store data and kick out a few graphs at the end of term. That’s fine for the basics, but it won’t give you the insight you really need to ensure your curriculum is working for everyone.

No matter what system you use, it’s all about using your data and evidence to its full potential – recording the right things at the right time, and applying it in an effective way. This is what the Classroom Monitor roadshows are all about. Every year, our education experts bring hundreds of schools together at these popular events. The next round will be in March:

9th March – London, Wimbledon
15th March –Leeds/Bradford
16th March – Birmingham NEC
23rd March –Warrington
28th March –London, Brent Cross
29th March –Nottingham/Derby M1 J25
Each session runs from 9.30am to 12.30pm, including a break for refreshments

What’s covered

Part one covers the backdrop of DfE announcements and national expectations that we’re all working with. We discuss the future of statutory assessment, the new curriculum freedoms, and how formative assessment can link everything together.

The second part is a more in-depth look at how Classroom Monitor helps schools to properly link assessment to their curriculum and show evidence of progress. Whether you’re a seasoned user, or new to the system, there’s plenty of tips for everyone.

It’s also a great opportunity to share ideas with other local schools about how they’re using Classroom Monitor. We love talking to schools and being able to assist in whatever way we can, but word of mouth between the people who actually use Classroom Monitor is the most valuable feedback there is – not just for other users, but for us as well!

We’re always listening to what schools want, and will be showcasing exciting new features at these events. You’ll see faster ways to produce and present data, including PDFs, and how to automatically track pupils against expectations without setting targets. If there’s anything else on our wish-list, do let us know!

BOOK YOUR PLACE – if this all sounds good to you, then we’d love to see you there. You can book your place and see the full details on this webpage.

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