This academic year has been probably one of the hardest for many years in education. With changes coming in from every angle, often with very little notice, schools have been doing what they do best – giving children the best chances to succeed despite huge pressures on teachers and senior leaders. We at Classroom Monitor often feel quite helpless at these times so the only thing we try to do is listen to what you need from us to make life a bit easier, and we try and implement as much as we can in response to that. Here is a quick overview of all the new developments and changes we have announced this year:

  • eCourses – we created free eCourses to get staff up to speed with the system as quickly as possible – covering everything from markbooks to full data analysis.
  • Reception Baseline data import – let’s not talk about that one too much at the moment!
  • Notifications – the little blue envelope in the system keeping you up to date with news and changes.
  • New shortcuts – making the markbooks easier to use for schools with their own terminology
  • Numerous new curricula added/updated – too many to mention but lots of choice for our schools including new statutory options such as the Interim Teacher Assessment Frameworks (and haven’t they been fun?!)
  • The Classroom Monitor App – eagerly awaited and loved by many. Always updating to get even better.
  • The Assessment Summaries were introduced and majorly updated, based on your feedback, all within the year.
  • Online Reporting had a complete overhaul making it easier to set up sessions, and making the finished article more mobile device friendly for the parents.
  • The percentages are now visible in markbooks and the Pupil Tracking Tables, helping you chart those small steps in progress.
  • We added the ability to Copy and Paste both the objectives and guidance from the markbooks to help speed up your lesson planning.
  • We added the Education Zone to the online training centre – full of support for moving away from levels.
  • We added our new Curriculum Tracking function so that you can keep on top of curriculum coverage and track progress without levels.
  • Our new Customisation Tool now gives schools full control of their own curricula – with everything from adding objectives to creating new curricula and changing thresholds and weightings.

We still have more in the pipeline for later in 2016:

  • A revised approach to the app to information back to users in more user friendly way, and with the ability to record evidence and tag it (to pupils / curriculum objectives) later.
  • A new section of the app which will allow you to add the results of Rising Stars Progress Tests (with more test options following later) and analyse your class results.
  • A new results importer – making it easy to upload summative assessment data
  • A new pupil importer – making it easier for schools with no MIS to upload and refresh their pupil data

Outcomes from our recent focus groups

Speaking to our user base is the best way to inform the direction of Classroom Monitor. Without our valued school users’ approval we are nothing!

It is clear that there is a common consensus that there is room for improvement when considering the speed and clarity in which assessment data can be interpreted, analysed and printed and printed, particularly when comparing with age related expectation. This will be the main focus of our development time over the coming summer months and beyond. This will focus on all ages, from EYFS upwards.

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Education is not a static world! We know there will be new changes and challenges for schools and we will keep being as responsive as possible to those changes and helping to keep you informed and updated with anything which impacts on assessment.

Subscribe to our blogs to ensure you always get the latest information – and look out for the blue envelope in Classroom Monitor for smaller updates.

Do keep letting us know what you need from us and we will keep letting you know what we are doing with your feedback.

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  1. Debbie clucas

    Do we have any way of setting targets for the core subjects and if so how do we do this. If not any in the pipeline. Thanks


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