The Classroom Monitor team would like to wish all teachers, support staff and SLT a very warm welcome back. We hope you had a great summer holiday and are starting the term rested and relaxed.

I thought it might be useful to start the year by listing some links and reminders to ensure that you can hit the ground running with your assessment this year. If you need any further help or advice please do not hesitate to call us on 0330 0555 811 or email

The first thing you will want to check at the start of term is that your classes are all present and correct. The pupils will have automatically moved up a year group whether you update them manually or via MIS Sync. You will need to check the classes though to ensure your MIS sync has updated for this academic year. Do the teachers all have access to the right classes and groups? Are all children in the correct classes?

If not you may need to get your MIS synchronisation tool up and running, or if you have no MIS sync you may need to do a manual export of a CTF which you can then import into Classroom Monitor. Even small changes to your server over the summer can have an impact on your MIS Sync and getting it set back up only takes a few minutes, and makes life a lot easier!

Once you have this all set up you may need to make changes to any groups you manually added throughout last year. Click here for help with doing this. The beginning of the year is a good time to delete any manual groups you won’t be using any more to ensure teachers are not overwhelmed with lists of more groups than they need.

If you have a lot of new teachers, or many who need a little refresh, don’t forget we have our online training centre where you can find ecourses which teachers can work through to learn the basics of using Classroom Monitor, as well as a course on best practice with Classroom Monitor, which will be especially useful if you want to ensure that ongoing assessment is built into the teaching and learning cycle from day 1.

You will also need to make changes to your Homepage Favourites for this year – change the time frames so that your start point for tracking is July 2016 to Now, and make sure your key subjects are selected – this way the homepage graphs in Classroom Monitor will be up date – this will save hours of time when analysing attainment and progress at the end of term 1.

Don’t forget that you have full control of your curriculum and can make any changes you feel are necessary to the objectives. If the teachers felt last year they had too many, not enough, or simply want to edit some, speak to one of the team to find out how you can customise them yourselves via the Curriculum Customisation Tool. If you want any advice on the changes you wish to make, speak to our Education and Training Team who can advise you based on their expert knowledge of the system and their experience working with hundreds of other schools.

Have a wonderful start to the year. Remember we are just a phone call, email or live chat away and ready to help with every question no matter how big or small it may seem!



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