We asked you, and you told us! So much has been written here on our blogs and elsewhere about the potential impact of curriculum change, and what schools should do about it. But what’s really been happening in classrooms and SLT meetings over the past year?

The national primary assessment survey was conducted last term, and the results are now available in our latest white paper. It gives great insight into the decisions schools have had to make around their curriculum and assessment models, how comfortable they now feel with these changes, and the issues that might still remain.

One particular quote that came back to us, from an anonymous source, sums up what seems to be a common experience:

‘We are now tracking without levels, however we keep having to revert back to try and understand the value. Much like a translation.’

So the vast majority of schools have now lost the levels and, despite some understandable teething trouble in adapting to a new system, the general outlook is positive. The aim of our white paper is to share these school experiences and best practice tips so that the remaining obstacles can be overcome.

Questions in the survey included:

  • Are you still using National Curriculum Levels for assessment?
  • Have the following become more or less important to your school since curriculum change: formative and summative assessment, alignment of curriculum and assessment, tracking pupil progress, engaging pupils and parents in assessment outcomes.
  • Do you use a self-developed or off-the-shelf framework to support your formative assessment?
  • How do you record assessment against this framework?
  • What approach have you taken to tracking pupil progress?
  • Do you test your children on either a summative or formative basis?

See the full results here in the white paper.

We’re going to run the same survey in summer term 2017, and it will be interesting to compare the results. In the meantime, if you see anything in the white paper that you’d like discuss, or if you have any ideas for another survey, do get in touch!

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