Classroom Monitor is perfect for assessing without levels because we offer more than any other assessment and tracking solution. What makes us unique? Classroom Monitor is curriculum and learner-centric, whereas most trackers are data-centric.

Data is important but we believe that it should be a by-product of effective classroom assessment and not the aim. This renewed focus on teaching and learning should underpin your move to assessing without levels and we can support your action plan with 3 easy steps:

1. Simple formative assessment

We teamed up with Rising Stars and Cornwall Learning to produce a National Curriculum progression framework. It breaks the programmes of study down into smaller steps to show pupil progress within the key stages, and is designed to:

  • streamline formative assessment across your school
  • inform curriculum and lesson planning
  • gather evidence for moderation
  • highlight knowledge gaps and depth of learning
  • create pupil assessment profiles at the click of a button

The Rising Star Progression Frameworks and the NAHT outcomes are free of charge for schools, and Classroom Monitor gives you an easy way to manage them online.You can also choose to use other ready-made frameworks within Classroom Monitor (see full list below). You can even add your own self-developed frameworks to suit your school’s needs, or an approach published by your local authority. This is what makes it more flexible than any other system. Classroom Monitor can be used online or via our free app.


2. Flexible progress tracking

Tracking end of key stage expectations is still easy with Classroom Monitor – highlight vulnerable groups, track and compare cohorts, and get live updates whenever you need them. Our data tracker automatically collates the scores and targets from your formative assessment and displays them in a live dashboard. Senior leaders, teachers and governors get instant access to their key performance indicators – so you’ll always be ready for school improvement meetings and Ofsted inspection.


3. Engage pupils and parents with simple resources to support their learning

The new curriculum gives teachers the freedom to assess students on what they really know and to fully explore the gaps in their learning, rather than focusing on a ‘level’. Classroom Monitor puts the learner first by making it easy to share next-steps and learning resources with both pupils and parents.

Teachers and other staff can instantly create statements for pupils with their current targets and engage them with their own progress. You can also create interim reports and learning journeys for parents that share evidence, achievements and what their child needs to do next. These reports will even link to free resources to encourage parental support in their child’s learning.

Classroom Monitor also allows you to create end of year reports which are highly personal and linked to curricular achievement. Reports can be shared with pupils in printable formats or shared online with parents through our dedicated parental portal.

We know that the move away from levels can be as challenging as it is exciting. Classroom Monitor will support your staff to embrace the change, cover the requirements of the new National Curriculum and show pupil progress in new and meaningful ways. Get in touch today to see Classroom Monitor in action and discuss your school’s needs.


Working with the New National Curriculum 2014

Classroom Monitor is the most flexible pupil tracking tool on the market, offering you the following frameworks:

APP – Assessing Pupil Progress (Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening, Maths, Science and ICT)

Rising Stars National Curriculum 2014 Progression Framework – this is the default setting in the Classroom Monitor markbooks

NAHT Assessment Framework

Dimensions Curriculum

Ros Wilson’s Criterion Scales

Regional Local Authority frameworks

Early Years Foundation Stage (Birth – Profile)

P-Scales (SEN)

Phonics (Phase 2-6)

Welsh Curriculum

Welsh Foundation Phase

Welsh Literacy and Numeracy Framework (LNF)

Your own – Classroom Monitor is as flexible as possible and will fit your way of working, whatever that may be. So you can add your own objectives and curricula to fit your school.

For more information about working with the New National Curriculum 2014, you can read our free white paper series. See and download our titles here.

West Jesmond Primary joined the Classroom Monitor community in September 2014, and staff are using the Rising Stars Progression Framework to manage a successful transition to life after levels. Here, Deputy Head Dominic Martin talks about their experience. View case study.