Classroom Monitor has always used coverage of the curriculum to work out “bands” or “levels” (in old money) of achievement for pupils, based on the teachers’ formative assessment input, to enable schools to do cohort comparisons. With the APP there were various thresholds pre-set as part of this but, with the new curriculum and life after levels, schools are able to customise their thresholds to what suits them, in line with their school curriculum and assessment needs. Schools can also choose not to use bands at all, of course, and use percentages of coverage instead. However, many schools find the bands useful to work out where a child is in relation to their peers and age related expectations at various points of the year.

So, due to popular demand, we have developed a new part of the system which allows you to see not only what band a child is on, but also their percentage of coverage within that ability stage – a ‘best of both worlds’ situation, essentially! This uses the weightings and thresholds set up for your school. Whilst there are default settings for this in each curriculum, schools can all make changes as they need to so we have included no defaults in this blog. Please call or email if you want further information about how the system arrives at the bands and percentage results.

How does it work?

In the markbooks a teacher will see the percentage calculated when the scoring screen pops up after making changes in the markbook, or by clicking on Adjust Scores in the top left hand corner of the markbook.

The percentage will show in an extra column to the right of the Automatic Scoring column, as shown in the picture below:



As you can see, the band is visible with the percentage of coverage alongside. We can see in this example that James and Cerys both have a 4Dev…but James has covered 61% of Maths Number, whilst Cerys has covered 50%.

When this screen does appear (after changes are made), ensure you choose the orange “Save the selected scores and return” button so that the score and percentage feeds through to the pupil tracking area. If you use the Classroom Monitor app, ensure you go to the markbooks via the web version regularly and click adjust scores to save your scores. All hexagon colours will have been fed through from the app so all you have to do is save the calculated automatic score and you will see the percentage as above.

You can also see these percentages in the pupil tracking area as shown in the picture below:

pupil tracking

The progress column is still using the band/”points” in the system to calculate progress but you can see in the percentage column where there is progress in terms of % coverage, even if the overall band has not changed, giving you greater, more detailed, insight into pupil progress.

Please note that if you manually override a score for a child, either in the pupil tracking area, or via the markbook scoring screen, the percentage will not appear – you will see the word “Manual” written in the percentage column for that child. The automatic score will still calculate each time you change the markbooks so simply click back to Automatic Scoring to show the percentage alongside.

It is also worth noting that the % is shown for the main ability band a child is working in. For example, if a child has a score of 4Sec but you add some assessment into Stage 5 (but not enough to move them into a 5Beg), the percentage column will be showing their percentage of Stage 4, due to them being a 4Sec still. Once they do get a 5Beg the percentage will then be showing the percentage coverage within Stage 5.*

For curricula which already work out percentages such as P-Scales and Phonics, the percentage column will read N/A, due to the % result already appearing in the Automatic Score column.

*Please note that all band descriptors are for example only, your school assessment terminology may be different.

11 Responses to “NEW! Percentages now showing for all curricula!”

  1. Beth McCaffrey

    We’re SO happy to have the percentage system up and working as it is our main way of measuring progress – so thank-you!
    Is there a way that we can customise our settings so that the percentages show up on the markbook – as they do in the P Levels, rather than 3B etc?
    Thank-you again!

    • Jodie Lopez

      Jodie Lopez

      Hi Beth

      Glad you like the percentages! In the markbook, at present, the only way to view them is on the Adjust Scores screen, without taking the other scores away altogether and having only percentages. However we will log your change request and see if this is something we can adapt for future developments. Thank you so much for the feedback.

  2. Anthony Kilpin

    The percentages are great idea, is there any possibility that these could be included in the reporting section as this would show any small amounts of progress.
    Many thanks

    • Jodie Lopez

      Jodie Lopez

      Hi Anthony, thank you for your feedback it is much appreciated. I have passed on the request to the development team so that they can look into this for future developments.

  3. T. Ellis

    The percentages are a very powerful tool and have already enabled me to more easily identify areas for development.
    They are also a super decision support mechanism enabling me to more readily tailor my groupings by using the trends evident in the percentages.

    • Jodie Lopez

      Jodie Lopez

      So pleased that you like the percentages! I have passed your comments on to our development team who are now working tirelessly on the next few exciting changes!

  4. H.Elmore

    Love the percentage tool. This is a great way for us to measure progress, particularly those who may mot have made as much progress as we were hoping for.
    It is also fabulous for helping to group the children.

    • Jodie Lopez

      Jodie Lopez

      So pleased you like it Helen. I have passed on your comments to our developers who have been working very hard!

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