A concise guide to the DfE’s announcements, the schedule for change and your checklist for formative assessment.

For the past 6 months, Classroom Monitor has been taking the lead on linking formative assessment to National Curriculum 2014. We’ve been working closely with curriculum developers, ‘super heads’, and teachers at the chalk-face; we’ve been involved with DfE round tables, and have led seminars on the new curriculum across the country. Now we’re supporting over 1,000 schools through the coming changes.

You’ll benefit from all this research in our latest white paper:

  1. What has the DfE told us? A summary of the announcements so far
  2. Key stage benchmarking: how summative assessment will work without levels
  3. Formative assessment that fits: what data should you keep to best support teaching and learning?
  4. What parents need to know – the performance data you’ll need to share, and how to translate it
  5. Your checklist for change: what to consider when adopting a new assessment framework