Record, track and assess student progress in one easy to use tool


Cambridge Progress Tracker puts you in control of recording, tracking and managing your student progress data – all linked to the Cambridge Assessment International Education primary curriculum frameworks.

With Cambridge Progress Tracker you can:

  • Raise standards with meaningful assessment – the simplest way to record your students’ learning journeys.
  • Quickly and easily share student progress with ready-made reports
  • Involve and inform parents – share photos, videos, audio clips and notes to include parents in the learning process.
  • Manage your workload – the fastest way to record student development, aligned to the Cambridge International primary curriculum frameworks.
  • Be inspection ready – with powerful performance analytics that provide a live view of school data and drive school improvement

How does Cambridge Progress Tracker work?

You can view and assess objectives for single or multiple year groups at a time – via the online markbook, or on the go with the Cambridge Progress Tracker app.

Cambridge Progress Tracker

You can record whether each student is Progressing Towards, Working At or Working Beyond for each assessment objective using a simple traffic light system.

Guidance for every statement helps you make sure you are placing each student at the right level. This includes links to the relevant Cambridge University Press resources, so you can find activities to support assessment objectives.

CPT Rubrics

You can import external test data which allows you to measure your judgements against a set level and transform your assessments into a range of reports with one click.

With the online training modules offered by Classroom Monitor you can make sure everyone within the school gets the best from the platform.

Want to find out more?

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If you’d like more information about Cambridge University Press primary resources which link to Cambridge Progress Tracker, visit their website.