“I always knew that the children at Stonar make brilliant progress, but wanted to be able to prove it. So we adopted Classroom Monitor as a way to professionalise the way in which we tracked pupil progress and explained it to parents.”

Mark Brain, Head at Stonar Prep School in Wiltshire, explains how Classroom Monitor gives his staff a bespoke system for tracking, supporting and talking about pupil progress:

“Staff now feel like they’re on solid foundations when having conversations with parents, because their professional judgements are backed up with pupil progress data. Classroom Monitor gives them access to this data – primarily it helps staff keep track of progress and to link it accurately with our intervention programme.

“We use Classroom Monitor to identify those children who need intervention for ‘able and talented’ work and for boosting for those who haven’t understood something in class. There’s no doubt that it has added credence to the identification process, which was previously just down to teacher judgements.

“Our previous tracking programme was a home-made spreadsheet that was hugely time consuming and very limited. I’m lucky that we have a great team of staff here at Stonar Prep; they are willing to take on new initiatives like Classroom Monitor if they can see its value.

“We’ve been able to adapt Classroom Monitor successfully to our assessment and curriculum needs. For example, we’ve changed the assessment terminology to match up with our IPC assessment for learning programme.

“We’ve also re-written our own objectives that break down those from the national curriculum and are much more specific. It was well worth it, as it’s made the programme more bespoke to Stonar. I can see the potential for improved learning outcomes as a result.”

Stonar School is an all-ages day and boarding school near Atworth, Wiltshire. Its prep school has 125 pupils on roll, and its staff have been using Classroom Monitor since 2015.

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