De Lucy is a larger than average primary school, with over 450 pupils on roll. It successfully went from satisfactory to good in its last Ofsted inspection, and the team is now aiming for outstanding. Deputy Head Kerry Lodge tells us how Classroom Monitor is helping them to raise expectations and sustain improvement.

‘We adopted Classroom Monitor because we wanted something that would support the implementation of APP along with tracking our assessment results’, says Kerry. ‘It allows us to do more complex data analysis than our previous system at a much quicker rate, and gives us an integrated report writing programme. A paperless system for APP which feeds directly into your reports – excellent!’

Raising standards in teaching and attainment

‘Using the online markbook for assessing pupil progress has allowed teachers to identify areas of strength and development within their classes, leading to teaching of a more focussed nature. For example, it helps to direct targeted interventions for small groups of children who are still working on objectives that their peers have achieved. This in turn has led to a rise in standards and progress.’

‘The data analysis tools are used by all senior leaders to identify progress and attainment trends at whole school and phase group level, and in year groups and individual classes. Actions are then put in place to address them. Every pupil in KS1 and KS2 also has an individual target set for reading, writing and maths based on outstanding progress.’

Meeting the needs of a city school

At De Lucy Primary, the number of pupils eligible for FSM is well above the national average, and over 65% of pupils are from ethnic minority backgrounds. Around half of the children speak English as an additional language.

Kerry is enthusiastic about how Classroom Monitor has simplified the process of identifying vulnerable groups and managing the data: ‘We receive a large amount of pupil premium funding, and now we can easily monitor the impact of interventions put in place for FSM6 pupils. We can also select different groups quickly, such as gender and ethnicity, so it makes a once very long winded job much simpler!’
‘All members of staff can access all of the information because it’s online. For example, our SENCo can monitor SEN pupils regularly. We now track some additional subjects such as RE, History and Geography, so the subject co-ordinators can have easy access to the data’.

Proving positive change to Ofsted

At the time of inspection, the SLT were well prepared with a range of accurate, in-depth analysis: ‘Our data analysis was highly detailed so we could prove that we were closing the gaps between vulnerable groups’. This was noted in the inspection report, which said: ‘the school’s latest information confirms that attainment in writing has improved, and the gap between the levels reached by boys and girls has been eliminated.’

Kerry and the team at De Lucy are now striving for the highest Ofsted rating, and are well equipped to achieve it: ‘we’re using Classroom Monitor to moderate work samples and track progress so that we can prove rapid progress in all subjects, which will help us reach an outstanding judgement in our next Ofsted inspection.’

What Ofsted says:

  • The improved systems for tracking pupils’ progress indicate acceleration in the rate at which pupils learn
  • Teachers use detailed and accurate assessment information to ensure that the work they set for each individual is well matched to their learning needs
  • From a low starting point on entry to the school, pupils make good progress because of their motivation to succeed, coupled with teachers’ high expectations in most lessons
  • Procedures to evaluate the school’s effectiveness are thorough and accurately pinpoint its strengths and areas for development