Peter Richardson is Deputy Head at Walton-le-Dale Community Primary School in Lancashire. The school has a pupil roll of 438 and is rated ‘good’ by Ofsted. They’ve been using Classroom Monitor for over 2 years.

Here’s why he recommends it to other schools:

  1. Speedy assessment for busy staff! It’s the fastest system out there for staff to comprehensively assess each child in each objective of the new curriculum. You spend your time wisely, where it counts – in accurately assessing each child.
  2. Data analysis. Most people like graphs more than tables. Governors certainly do. Classroom Monitor provides a big supply of both for you to interrogate as a class teacher, subject leader, or leadership team. It’s perfect for reporting to Governors and Ofsted.
  3. Everything you need is right there. Simple. Quick. Easy. You don’t have to enter data in Excel then transfer it to Classroom Monitor. When you write reports, you don’t have to add comments on subjects when you’ve already assessed them. Classroom Monitor keeps everything together. It links all your pupil information from your management software to your teacher judgements.


Why I chose Classroom Monitor above other systems

“With the removal of levels and the arrival of a new curriculum, we wanted to rethink our approach to assessment from scratch. We weren’t happy with our system at the time, which comprised of a complicated Excel document. We wanted something more than just a way to get an overall percentage of those children working at the expectation.

“We looked at online assessment tools such as Classroom Monitor and it soon became clear that Classroom Monitor gave us exactly what we wanted and more. The new curriculum means you need an assessment system to track every single objective. You need an extremely easy and manageable system to do so. Classroom Monitor does exactly that – speedy assessment for busy staff.”


Find out why Classroom Monitor is the perfect fit for Walton-le-Dale’s school curriculum, and how it’s improved teachers’ work-life balance in report writing season.