Acorn Care and Education is a leading provider of schooling for young people with emotional, social and behavioural difficulties. With most of its schools already using Classroom Monitor independently, the group is now centrally co-ordinating the system’s use across their EBD schools in England.

Simplified Assessment: Less time, better results

Waterloo Lodge School, Chorley, is an established user of Classroom Monitor and is rated ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted. Teacher Debbie Procter enthuses: ‘it’s a useful and effective tool, and provides a whole package. You can access it anytime of day, anywhere, and instantly put in your marks and collect data. That freedom of use is especially important.’

The easy-to-use nature of Classroom Monitor has made it a hit with her colleagues, too: ‘Staff have responded well to it; it’s very person friendly. Using it has become second nature to us now – it’s part of our everyday teaching life’.

For Ross Mundy at Crookhey Hall School in Lancaster, Classroom Monitor provides a ‘faster, quicker, and more effective’ system of assessment and reporting. This makes it much easier to monitor the range of qualifications that pupils work on in SEN schools: ‘everything is in one place which is much more efficient than paper documents. It helps with informing planning, understanding the child, and reporting to authorities.’

Motivating pupils with targeted lesson plans

‘If lessons are more in tune with the level of the child, behaviour improves’. Gregoire Godin, Heath Farm School, Kent.

Ross finds the online markbook particularly helpful in building targeted lesson plans because ‘you can visibly see the gaps’. The markbook is an effective way of showing pupils their individual learning pathways, and ‘if the child can see what they are achieving, this is a motivating factor for them. They respond well to structure’.

Pupils also benefit from Classroom Monitor’s simple, visual way of displaying results. Pupils have their own personal target and progress reports, and they can request a summary report from Classroom Monitor at any time.

Rapid and Regular Reporting

Classroom Monitor is being used by Acorn schools to report effectively to social services, local authorities and educational psychologists.

Debbie also found it invaluable when preparing for the Ofsted inspection: ‘Classroom Monitor made preparation for the Ofsted inspection a lot quicker and efficient. You can show off your data report and progress charts really easily and present your statistics in various formats.’

The flexibility of the reporting system also helps with team management: ‘I can identify staff members who aren’t delivering, I can see whole group results easily, and I can see these results at any time of year.’

Working with the Classroom Monitor Team

Classroom Monitor comes pre-loaded with P-Scales for tracking alongside standard National Curriculum levels, from P1 to NC level 8. It supports half-sub level tracking, and custom skills ladders can also be imported.

Schools that use Classroom Monitor are supported by our BETT-nominated support desk, including phone, online messaging, email and online training videos. A full in-school training session is also included in a subscription to Classroom Monitor so you can see the benefits straight away.

‘We always get an instant response, so there’s no user frustration. We have faith in the system’ Debbie Proctor, Waterloo Lodge.