Tara Pattana International School, Thailand, opened in August 2011 and teaches the English National Curriculum from EYFS to Key Stage 2. Andrew Dickson-Smith, Academic Director, tells us how Classroom Monitor has helped his team off to a flying start.

Streamlined reporting for an international staff

Andrew feels that Classroom Monitor has been a huge help to his international team of staff because it’s given them a consistent and user-friendly base to work from: ‘We employ qualified teachers from all over the world, and many have no experience of the National Curriculum and its assessment. Classroom Monitor provides a uniformity of reporting which would otherwise be very difficult to achieve with a multinational staff. National Curriculum scores are accurately produced when you add evidence of learning to the markbook, so it’s easy to understand.’

The reporting function of Classroom Monitor provides clearly worded statement banks, which has helped address the issue of inconsistent written English in non-native speaking staff. ‘These are Filipinos, Indonesians, Burmese and also the indigenous Thai staff whose grammar, sentence construction and spelling are helped enormously’.

Assessment data that drives effective management

As Academic Director, Andrew finds that the burden of training staff in assessment techniques and how the National Curriculum works has been reduced significantly. There’s also a transparency that helps him to identify any potential problems within the school:

‘The tracking of individual students, preparing year group stats, and identifying weaknesses in our curriculum are some of the important issues Classroom Monitor deals with. It also helps me to identify problematic teaching, or the impact of low resources in certain areas.’

Teachers use Classroom Monitor as an easy way to provide Andrew with the information he needs to lead the school, such as weekly or fortnightly spreadsheets of assessment progress. Key Stage leaders can also use this data to check on student cohort development.

Parents are impressed with quality reporting
Andrew has received positive feedback from parents on the quality and accuracy of the reports that staff have generated using Classroom Monitor: ‘They enjoy the honest, straightforward way in which student information is presented. Reports produced by Classroom Monitor are very self-explanatory and can be tailored to meet local needs.’ Tara Pattana has produced its own reporting template on the system, and an explanation of National Curriculum levels has also been added for parents.

Classroom Monitor provides a reliable and crucial partnership

The technical support Andrew has received from Classroom Monitor has been ‘excellent and swift’, both on and offline:

‘The amount of questions I need to ask has reduced dramatically due in part to the excellent help screens and videos available within the programme. Being based overseas, this is a crucial service as one can feel isolated and forgotten, but this has never been the case.’