Classroom Monitor will support your curriculum needs, from the basic to the most complex. Our team of former head teachers and SLT understand what you're looking for.

Primary Schools

Secure pupil progress from Early Years right to the end of Key Stage 2. Classroom Monitor is the most powerful formative assessment tool available to support your planning and tracking.

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Early Years

Record and track child development from birth to 60 months and the EYFS profile and Baseline. Learning journeys, detailed tracking and a free link with the award-winning 2Simple’s 2 Build a Profile.

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School Groups and Academy Trusts

If you’re part of a school group, Classroom Monitor gives you a single, central solution for sharing best practice and progress data between schools. Use our powerful school group view, to benchmark school performance acrosss the group and to have a central data

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SEN Schools

Assessment in the National Curriculum 2014 focuses on high quality formative assessment that focuses on individual children’s needs. Find out why Classroom Monitor is perfectly suited to any set of assessment outcomes and learning needs for any SEN setting.

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International Schools

Classroom Monitor is perfect for British International Schools. You can access any of our existing frameworks and build in your own and we are the only platform to include the International Primary Curriculum.

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