Classroom Monitor will support your curriculum needs, from the basic to the most complex. Our team of former head teachers and SLT understand what you're looking for.

Primary Schools

Secure pupil progress from Early Years right to the end of Key Stage 2. Classroom Monitor is the most flexible formative assessment tool available to support your planning and tracking.

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Multi Academy Trusts & School Groups

Raise standards and improve accountability across your MAT. Classroom Monitor gives you a central solution for sharing key performance indicators, best practice and curriculum resources between schools.

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SEND Pupils

Classroom Monitor gives you more ways to show small-step progress and assess each SEND pupil to their own personal needs. IdealĀ for any age range and setting.

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Independent Schools

Prove high standards and brilliant progress with a bespoke tracker. Classroom Monitor adds value to the conversations you have with pupils and parents to support achievement.

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International Schools

Classroom Monitor is perfect for British International Schools, wherever you are. It’s flexible to your many curriculum needs and the requirements of your local inspectorate.

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Early Years

Record and track child development from birth to 60 months. It’s easy to capture evidence and create and share learning journeys.

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