Record observations and track progress with our easy to use tools. From birth to the end of reception, you can ensure that every child gets the support they need to grow.

How easy is it to record observations in Classroom Monitor Early Years?

Very! It’s both easy and fast to record assessment and evidence against the early years development statements and the Early Learning Goals.  There is a simple online markbook as well as the Classroom Monitor teacher app for mobile devices. The observations will automatically sync between the app and the markbook.

Is it simple to track pupil progress?

It’s straightforward to output this information in lots of ways.  You can view tracking tables and graphs to help you spot areas for intervention and compare cohort groups.  You can also easily create learning journeys and reports to share with parents.

Can I report results to my LEA directly?

Yes. We are an accredited MIS supplier, so you can use Classroom Monitor to export results to your LEA directly, in the standard CTF format.

I use 2 Build a Profile for collecting observations – can I link it to Classroom Monitor?

Yes, you can! When you record a judgement in 2 Build A Profile, it will automatically populate the EYFS markbook with your score and your evidence. From here, you can use Classroom Monitor to do quick and easy progress tracking and data management.

My Primary School already uses Classroom Monitor – can I access the Early Years markbook?

Yes – all Classroom Monitor Primary users get the Early Years Foundation Stage framework included as part of their ongoing subscription.

Case Study: Outstanding Ofsted results for Early Years

‘Classroom Monitor is marvellous for Early Years because of the nature of the evidence that is needed.’


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