Track pupil progress and curriculum coverage from reception to end of Key Stage 2.

Used in more than 2000 schools, Classroom Monitor Primary is an online tool for recording formative assessment, tracking pupil progress and reporting to parents. It links your curriculum to your assessment framework using a simple online markbook and data tracker. The Classroom Monitor app lets you assess pupils in the classroom and capture learning as it happens.

Detailed learning objectives are clearly mapped for each pupil, with free teaching resources to ease planning. Evidence captured in the app; feeds into moderation, pupil progress meetings, and can be shared with pupils in target sheets, learning journeys and assessment summaries.

Pupil progress data is always Ofsted-ready, with live tracking of any cohort, including vulnerable groups.

There are three modules to Classroom Monitor that work together and individually, so you can choose the best package for your school, see: what we do for details of the modules and how they link together.

Your curriculum content

Classroom Monitor contains pre-set content from all the major primary frameworks. It is also totally customisable to any content you wish to add.

  • Your own objectives and curricula framework
  • Rising Stars National Curriculum 2014 Progression Framework
  • NAHT Assessment Framework
  • PA Plus by Herts for Learning
  • Dimensions Creative Curriculum
  • Oxford Reading and Writing Criterion Scales
  • Regional Local Authority frameworks

“Classroom Monitor has helped our staff return to the core of good teaching: what the children know, don’t know and what we’re going to do about it. It proved to be very important during our recent Ofsted inspection.”

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