Classroom Monitor gives you more curriculum coverage than any other tracker. And a range of proven ways to show progress without levels.


Whichever path you choose to take with your curriculum, Classroom Monitor will help you put the learner first. We offer you a whole package that other trackers can’t:

1. Simple formative assessment

Classroom Monitor breaks down your curriculum into a framework of objectives that are quick and easy to assess. It doesn’t matter how simple or how complex your framework is – Classroom Monitor is flexible to your needs.

You can choose an off-the-shelf curriculum package, your own self developed framework, or something in between.

From Early Years to end of Key Stage 2, Classroom Monitor will let you track your curriculum, your way.

2. A proven ‘no levels’ way to track progress

When the DfE announced that levels would be phased out, we were one of the first to offer a schools a workable solution. And we’re still leading the way.

Classroom Monitor gives you progress data that is totally focussed on the learner, in the way you need to see it:

  • Steps, bands, thresholds or raw scores
  • Track progress towards end of year expectations
  • Track curriculum coverage by objective
  • View summative test scores alongside formative assessments

3. More ways to report and share progress

Collecting assessments and evidence is easy with Classroom Monitor. But it’s what’s you do with it that counts. Classroom Monitor creates reports that have a real impact on teaching and learning, for every stakeholder in your school.

Data big and small –preset data report packs for governors, Ofsted, and MAT’s
Learning journeys –share with pupils to help them understand their progress and next steps
Report to parents –showcase pupil achievement via paper reports or online
Plan with colleagues – share assessments and judgements that support moderation and transition.

We know that the move away from levels can be as challenging as it is exciting. Classroom Monitor will support your staff to embrace the change, cover the requirements of the new National Curriculum and show pupil progress in new and meaningful ways. Get in touch today to see Classroom Monitor in action and discuss your school’s needs.


Curriculum Support and Resources

For more information about working with National Curriculum 2014, you can read our free white paper series. See and download our titles here.

West Jesmond Primary joined the Classroom Monitor community in September 2014, and staff are using the Rising Stars Progression Framework to manage a successful transition to life after levels. Here, Deputy Head Dominic Martin talks about their experience. View case study.