Three connected modules that put assessment at the heart of everything you do; reducing workload by simplifying data capture and improving outcomes with insightful reports and analysis.


  The Formative Assessment module makes recording assessment against your curriculum or  one of ours quick, easy, and an integral part of effective teaching.

  Captured assessment informs planning, highlights knowledge gaps and can be exported into target sheets, learning journeys and assessment summaries.




 The Attainment & Progress Module gives teachers up to the minute insight into assessment captured across the school, either from formative assessment gathered in the markbooks or simply recording data directly.

 Detailed analysis for school improvement, governors, or Ofsted is instantly available through our live dashboards.



ReportingtoParentsBoxHEader The Reporting to Parents module helps schools engage parents with interim reports, end of year reports to print and send home in an instant.

With our portal schools can engage parents by sharing pupil achievements including photos, next steps and achievements online; schools can have full control of what and when you publish.