Classroom Monitor gives teachers an easy way to record assessment, it makes sense of your data and gives you perfect reports.








Online markbooks give teachers a quick and easy way to enter and record assessment. It’s the most flexible system for curriculum coverage. Use your own customised objectives, or a ready-made curriculum – you have total control. Teachers can capture all the evidence they need to support judgements and map out next steps in learning. More.








Get instant data with real meaning. Live tracking data pinpoints gaps in learning, strengths and weaknesses so you can act on them straight away. From top-level cohort comparisons, right down to the individual child. It’s all ready for Ofsted, governors and MAT Heads, any time you need it. More.








It’s never been easier to engage parents in their child’s learning. Create reports at any time, for sharing on paper or through our online portal. Content can come directly from your formative assessment markbooks, so most of the work is already done! Share targets, scores, photos, videos and more. More.