Classroom Monitor gives you more options for tracking without levels than any other system.

Classroom Monitor instantly turns results and targets into live analysis of your whole school. Senior leaders can accelerate the school improvement plan with reliable data that’s always Ofsted-ready. And because it’s online, you can access it anytime, anywhere, without relying on paper files and Excel. It will even synchronise with your school’s MIS so your data management is centralised and fully flexible.


1 – Track pupil performance against targets and expectations

  • Summative results populated from the formative assessment markbook, or can be recorded directly
  • View all pupil tracking data in one, easy to access online location
  • Linked to your school’s MIS so pupil data is always up to date
  • Set multiple targets and track progress against them
  • Create intervention groups to ensure no child gets left behind


2 – Compare cohorts and track vulnerable groups

  • Quickly switch between pupil and group view of assessment data to view averages and percentages
  • Compare groups using attainment, progress, attendance and ‘on track’ measures
  • Drill-down into graphs and tables to identify individuals


3 – Keep up to date with a live view of school data

  • ‘Ofsted ready’ dashboard that’s always live on your homepage
  • Speedy access to all your results, any time you need them
  • Create and share favourites graphs with other staff members



‘We are celebrating the school’s best ever SATS results in all Key Stages! A large part of that is due to the rigorous tracking and early identification of issues, using Classroom Monitor to gather all the data and quickly analyse it. The celebrations also include more than 40% of pupils in Year 6 making better than expected progress!’ Karen Mirams, Head Teacher, Regis Manor Primary

‘Ofsted and Local Authority advisors were impressed with our tracking and analysis and the speed we could access our data.’ Karen Sancto, Trinity Primary

‘The data tracker is easy to access, uses simple terminology and has good graphics including graphs and pie charts. Our Ofsted advisor was impressed that we had this data ready at our fingertips.’ Vicki Hughes, Yarm Primary

‘Classroom Monitor made preparation for the Oftsed inspection a lot quicker and efficient. You can show off your data report and progress charts really easily and present your statistics in various formats.’ Debbie Proctor, Waterloo Lodge