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International Success for Classroom Monitor

Over the last 12 months, Classroom Monitor has continued to grow its community of schools both in the UK and overseas.

Giving British International Schools a way to track progress against the English National Curriculum and any other framework that is required by the schools, it is no surprise that Classroom Monitor is now used in over 30 countries across the globe.

Success at the GESS Awards 2018

Classroom Monitor is being used more and more by British International Schools due to its flexibility and ability to enhance learning and lesson planning through insightful data.

“The flexibility of Classroom Monitor means it can be very well tailored to the needs of an individual school’s assessment system and their curriculum. Good support from the Classroom Monitor technical team has also ensured we are designing an assessment system that functions in the most efficient way” John Kett, British School in the Netherlands.

The international work Classroom Monitor has done over the last 12 months was greeted with the fantastic news that they became ‘SME Company of the Year’ at the GESS Awards 2018. It was the first year that Classroom Monitor has attended GESS and after three successful days networking at the exhibition, it was a great way to finalise the trip.

International School Stories

Classroom Monitor has had some fantastic feedback from British International Schools. The British School in the Netherlands and Sherborne Qatar are two prime examples of where the system has been implemented and made a difference within the schools.

David Payne, Deputy Head at Sherborne Qatar Prep recently shared his experience of working with Classroom Monitor to use assessment data to better inform teaching and learning.

John Kett, Assessment and Progress Leader for the Junior School talked to us about the benefits of using Classroom Monitor and why he’d recommend it to other schools.

If you want to see how Classroom Monitor can be of assistance to your British International School, book a demo today and speak to one of our assessment specialists at a time convenient to you.

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