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Attainment Progress

Preparing for pupil progress meetings: 4 simple steps with Classroom Monitor

Pupil Progress

In less than 10 minutes you can be prepared for your pupil progress meeting using the following 4 steps and reports in Classroom Monitor:

1. Identify Pupils with Class Overview Reports: Using either curriculum mark book data or external data, this report quickly provides an overview of attainment and progress in a class. Identify individual pupils that are working below, working at or working above expectations in up to three subjects with a combined total.

2. Review Performance with Pupil Progress Reports: Highlight and target areas for support using individual pupil reports that look at performance against curricula objectives.

3. Moderate Progress with the Group Matrix: Compare data over two points in time to highlight progress or from two different sources such as internal teacher assessments and external test data to moderate.

4. Review and Track Curriculum Coverage: Use the Curriculum Tracking report to analyse a group’s attainment in relation to mark book learning objectives. Highlight which pupils need additional attention in relation to specific learning objectives.

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