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Impossible possible
Making the impossible, possible. A COVID-19 exit strategy for primary schools

The true impact of the pandemic on children’s education won’t be fully understood for some time yet. But one thing…

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strength in numbers
There’s strength in numbers

Although external pressures to collect assessment information are reduced, there are still strong benefits to collating and analysing your data.…

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Bridge the Covid19 gap
Harnessing Classroom Monitor to bridge the Covid19 gap

We would like to share how Classroom Monitor schools are using the assessment platform effectively during the current situation and…

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Juniper Education
Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Keeping Your School Running Effectively

Our parent company Juniper Education have created a resource hub of regularly updated information to support schools, teachers and parents…

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Juniper Education
Juniper Education expands its pupil tracking offering with the acquisition of Classroom Monitor

Juniper Education expands its pupil tracking offering with the acquisition of Classroom Monitor.

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Pupil Progress
Preparing for pupil progress meetings: 4 simple steps with Classroom Monitor

Preparing for pupil progress meetings couldn’t be easier. Discover the 4 simple steps and be prepared in less than 10…

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Assessment Mix Guide
Free Guide: Selecting Your Assessment & Tracking Mix

Ofsted inspectors “will not use schools’ internal performance data for current pupils as evidence during an inspection”, but this doesn’t…

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Collecting Assessment Data
How do I generate meaningful assessment data?

In response to the release of the DFE’s workload toolkit, Tanya Parker discusses how you can generate meaningful assessment data…

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Curriculum tracking
No more steps & bands with Classroom Monitor

Stop recreating levels with meaningless labels. Demonstrate attainment based on what has been assessed and the percentage of curriculum covered.…

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