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The SEND Assessment Challenge

Assessment is never easy. Not because adding the assessment into Classroom Monitor isn’t easy (obviously!), nor because uploading evidence isn’t…

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Triangulation: ensuring accurate assessment data and school wide consistency

There is a strong consensus of the value of formative assessment and assessment for learning, and I’m a huge advocate…

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Time Saving Tips For Lesson Planning

Lesson planning and the use of learning resources is one of the big three workload challenges that teachers face. This…

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Is Marking A Waste Of Time?

Ofsted has busted the teacher workload myth about the type of marking inspectors want to see. They’re not interested in…

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Cut The Data Workload For Teachers And School Leaders

Over 50% of teachers in the UK think data demands cause them ‘unnecessary workload’. Global research by UNESCO also shows…

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Bench-marking Performance Data in Multi Academy Trusts

One of the challenges facing Multi Academy Trusts is finding an effective way for schools to communicate their performance data…

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We’re hot in the UAE

In just a short time, we’ve welcomed over 40 British UAE schools into the Classroom Monitor fold. We’re out there…

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Formative assessment: What frameworks do other schools use?

In our last two blogs, we’ve discussed the approaches to tracking progress and ways of thinking about attainment that we’ve…

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How do other schools define attainment?

Following our last blog on the different ways that schools are demonstrating progress, we’ll now look at how they’re thinking…

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