Ensuring schools gain the maximum value and educational impact from Classroom Monitor is our number one priority. To support this, the CM Academy provides three distinct training pathways tailored to the user roles and responsibilities to enable effective pupil progress tracking within school: CM Leader, Teacher & Senior Leadership Team (SLT).

Adding evidence of learning using a mobile device

Why get certified?

Acknowledge your in-depth understanding of Classroom Monitor and its use to support effective assessment by completing your chosen training pathway.

Pick your pathway

Choose your specific training pathway to understand everything you need to know to succeed in your user role.

Your learning style

Each training pathway is supported with a mixture of documentation, videos or participation in webinars.

Choose your level

Each pathway has four levels to progress you from absolute beginner to Classroom Monitor expert.

Making and recording assessments

Levels 1-2 provide Classroom Monitor users with a basic orientation to get logged in and recording assessments. You will start by creating teaching groups, then move on to recording pupil assessments against objectives and adding evidence of learning. As well as formative assessment, we will show you how to input test scores and other data such as recording statutory assessments.

Monitoring and stakeholder reporting

Advancing to level 3 will support your school to track pupils’ attainment and progress. You’ll see how Classroom Monitor can help you to identify intervention groups and plan their learning pathways more effectively. Level 3 also focuses on how you can share attainment and progress more effectively with pupils, parents and all your key stakeholders’ using Classroom Monitor’s reporting tools.

Visible educational impact

By reaching level 4, planning becomes more effective using information held in Classroom Monitor. Close the assessment loop and use the intelligence within the system to directly impact what happens in the classroom. School leaders can start to use the wealth of information to set and monitor attainment targets and influence decisions to enhance the effectiveness of the school.

Schools are on the hunt for staff with our accreditation

Become an Expert User of Classroom Monitor and support your school to exceptional progress. Demonstrate your understanding of the system, your ability to record and track assessments efficiently, and share your insights with parents. Ultimately, reducing workloads and directly feeding back into teaching and learning.

The academy is useful for self-directed learning. Staff found the modules informative and appreciated being able to select the areas most useful to them as individuals. New users of Classroom Monitor (particularly teaching assistants) benefited from the training as an introduction to the system and they are now growing in confidence in using it on a day to day basis.”

St Agnes C of E Primary School, Manchester

Helping educators to be outstanding for over 15 years

Classroom Monitor helps educators to streamline assessment, raise standards and deliver insightful data reports across your whole curriculum.

Designed for school leaders

Consistent data you can be confident in to drive pupil progress meetings and engage every stakeholder in improving teaching and learning with insightful data reports. Progress that speaks for itself.

Designed for teachers

Save time and simplify how your secure pupil progress. By using the most flexible formative assessment tool, you can enhance your planning and tracking, with no pointless admin.

Designed for school group leaders

Strike the balance between autonomy and flexibility. Classroom Monitor gives you a central solution for sharing and benchmarking KPIs, moderation, best practice and curriculum resources between schools.

Classroom Monitor Academy FAQs

How do I earn a CM Academy certificate and is it worth my time?

After completing the relevant learning pathway, you will then be able to take part in the CM Academy Knowledge Test. The short online test takes the form of a multiple-choice questionnaire with questions relevant to your role. Earning a certificate acknowledges an in-depth understanding of Classroom Monitor and how it can help improve outcomes across your school in practice.

How long will it take to complete a full training pathway?

Each training pathway typically takes 4 hours to complete and is delivered in the form of videos, training booklets or through attendance of live webinars. All the materials are self-service, so you can find time around your busy school schedule.

What format are the courses delivered in?

Each training pathway is supported with a mixture of documentation, participation in webinars (or watch recordings) and materials to support staff meetings. Choose your learning style – read, watch or take part.

How to I start a pathway and get access to the materials?

Classroom Monitor customers access the CM Academy by logging in to the Classroom Monitor platform and clicking on Training from the main menu bar. From the introduction page you select your user role pathway with all the training materials organised into 4 levels.

How much does a CM Academy training pathway cost and do you offer bespoke training?

CM Academy is free for all staff at schools currently subscribing to Classroom Monitor with access to the academy via a Classroom Monitor user account. As well as our free self-service training we do also offer school bespoke training packages and onsite sessions. For more information and prices contact training@classroommonitor.co.uk.

Are the training materials relevant to my role with the school?

CM Academy provides three distinct training pathways tailored to the user roles and responsibilities within a school: CM Leader (responsible for managing Classroom Monitor’s use within a school), Teacher and SLT.

Are the courses just for individuals or can they be run for groups?

CM Academy can be accessed as an individual’s self-learning resources or can be used for group training. All the materials and resources are perfect for INSET day training sessions – speak to us for example INSET day programs utilising the CM Academy materials.

Do I need to be a Classroom Monitor customer to access the materials?

Yes, the CM Academy is a free self-service training program available to all Classroom Monitor schools and teachers as part of their annual subscription. If you are interested, but not yet a customer, please book a demonstration where we will run through Classroom Monitor and the training academy.

How do I know what level to start the CM Academy at and do I need to complete all the modules?

All new teachers starting with Classroom Monitor are recommended to start at Level 1. If you are already using the system, we have created a simple online self-evaluation questionnaire to help your team understand their current knowledge and the appropriate starting point on their training pathway.

I’m responsible for Classroom Monitor in my school. Will the CM Academy support me in this role?

Yes, we have a specific training pathway designed for the staff member responsible for the management and administration of Classroom Monitor in the school, the CM Leader. This pathway helps the CM Leader with the setup, administration and supporting others to be successful with the system. We would also advise the CM Leader completes the Teacher pathway.