SIMPLE by Classroom Monitor gives you more curriculum coverage than any other tracker with a range of proven ways to show progress without levels. Facilitating a broad and balanced curriculum design; track pupil progress, accelerate your school improvement plan and be well prepared for Ofsted success.

SIMPLE by Classroom Monitor will help you to:

  • Track individual pupils against curriculum goals with just one clickSIMPLE by Classroom Monitor
    With Ofsted focusing its attention on curriculum design, Classroom Monitor enables you to track pupil progress in a broad and balanced curriculum from early years to secondary and SEND too.
  • Save yourself valuable hours of managing assessment data
    Classroom Monitor instantly turns results and targets into live analysis; itʼs never been easier to track and compare pupil progress with daily updates on any cohort group. All the data you could ever need for Ofsted is there at the click of a button. Being online you can access it anytime, anywhere.
  • See the gaps in attainment close
    Planning becomes more focused on pupil need. And you can prove to Ofsted youʼre dedicated to ongoing whole school improvement.

Whilst other assessment tools have stool still; over the last 2 years we have been using our decade of school assessment experience to develop a brand-new assessment tool – SIMPLE by Classroom Monitor

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