Assess pupil progress against any curriculum. Collect assessments once, use many times to support whole school improvement.

Match your curriculum and the way its assessed: the simplest way to assess learning objectives and record teacher judgements. The most flexible system for curriculum coverage.
Powerful pupil tracking and performance analytics: compare and perform gap analysis with any data to gain insights to engage inspectors, governors and to drive school improvement.
Record the ‘light bulb moments’ to inspire parents: showcase pupil achievement by sharing insights of learning, including photos, videos and reporting to parents online.
Formative assessment

Simple formative and summative assessment

Online markbooks give teachers a quick and easy way to enter and record assessment. It’s the most flexible system for curriculum coverage. Use your own customised objectives, or a ready-made curriculum – you have total control. Teachers can capture all the evidence they need to support judgements and map out next steps in learning.

Import test data and visually triangulate between formative assessment, external test data and evidence of pupil work to make informed professional judgements.

Year Group Overview

Meaningful reports that don’t need explaining

Get instant pupil tracking data with real meaning. Classroom Monitor instantly turns formative and summative assessments into live analysis of your whole school. Live assessment tracking data pinpoints gaps in learning, strengths and weaknesses so you can act on them straight away.

From top-level cohort comparisons, right down to the individual child. It’s all ready for Ofsted, governors and MAT Heads, any time you need it.

Group Progress Matrix

Compare any data and prove progress without questions

Our progress matrices let you plot any data on a vertical and horizontal axis. This provides a powerful visual tool to compare internal and external data or plot pupil progress between any 2 points in time. They are a simple, visual and powerful model to support pupil progress meetings and to demonstrate progress in an instant.

Simple pupil tracking that speaks for itself.

Inspire and involve parents

It’s never been easier to engage parents in their child’s learning. Create reports at any time, for sharing on paper or through our online portal. Content can come directly from your formative assessment markbooks, so most of the work is already done!

Improve parental engagement by sharing targets, scores, photos, videos and more.

Assess on the go with Classroom Monitor

Easy to use and quick to access, reduce teacher workload with Classroom Monitor optimised for mobile devices – a vital tool for recording evidence and assessment on the go. It’s a seamless and time-efficient way to link together your day to day activities in the classroom. Recorded pupil assessment and collect evidence to feed directly into Classroom Monitor’s online markbooks.

Simple point in time assessment

Fast and simple recording against your curriculum. Import any test data to compare against markbook assessments to validate and make professional teacher judgements with Classroom Monitor.

Compare any data

No more spreadsheet nightmares!

Group Progress Matrix Report

Avoid late nights managing assessment data spreadsheets. Compare any data quickly with Classroom Monitor.

  • Quickly identify slippage and acceleration pupils
  • Visually demonstrate pupil progress
  • Compare any two sets of pupil tracking data
  • Compare mark book assessment between two points in time
  • Triangulate mark book assessment against test data
  • End of Key Stage 1 to Teacher ‘point in time’ Judgements
  • Keep pupil assessment quick, insightful and meaningful.

See how with our 1 minute video below:

Meaningful reports

Be ready for a Governors’ meeting in less than 5 minutes

School Overview Reports

Avoid the last-minute panic of crunching pupil tracking data for your next meeting. Keep it quick, visual and meaningful with Classroom Monitor.

  • Whole School Overview
  • Year Group Overview
  • Class Group Overview
  • Clear, visual, simple report layouts
  • Pupil cohorts automatically updated from your MIS
  • Ready to print, email and share.

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Point in time assessment

Tests alone are not enough to give you the full picture

Informed Professional Judgements

Fast and simple recording against your curriculum. Import any test data to compare against markbook assessments to validate and make professional teacher judgements with Classroom Monitor.

  • Compare any three sets of assessment data
  • Imported test results and markbook summaries
  • Choose from a range of judgement bands
  • Make ‘point in time’ judgements
  • Save judgements to include in on-track reports.

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Curriculum tracking

No more steps & bands

Are all your pupils emerging+?

Stop recreating levels with meaningless labels. Demonstrate attainment based on what has been assessed and the percentage of curriculum covered. Visual and insightful curriculum tracking with Classroom Monitor.

  • Inform lesson planning and next steps
  • Reorder the markbook to identify gaps and groupings
  • Create pupil target sheets and assessment summaries
  • Track curriculum coverage by whole school and year group
  • Automatic reports to support pupil progress meetings.

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