Assess against any curriculum, whatever your setting. Collect assessments once, use many times to support whole school improvement.

Formative and summative assessment: the simplest way to record teacher judgements and import test data. The most flexible system for curriculum coverage and planning.
Powerful performance analytics: compare and perform gap analysis with any data to gain insights to engage inspectors, governors and to drive school improvement.
Inspire and involve parents: showcase pupil achievement by sharing insights of learning, including photos, videos and reports with parents online.

Formative and summative assessment

Online markbooks give teachers a quick and easy way to enter and record assessment. It’s the most flexible system for curriculum coverage. Use your own customised objectives, or a ready-made curriculum – you have total control. Teachers can capture all the evidence they need to support judgements and map out next steps in learning.

Import test data and visually triangulate between formative assessment, external test data and evidence of pupil work.

Powerful performance analytics

Get instant data with real meaning. Classroom Monitor instantly turns formative and summative assessments into live analysis of your whole school. Live tracking data pinpoints gaps in learning, strengths and weaknesses so you can act on them straight away.

From top-level cohort comparisons, right down to the individual child. It’s all ready for Ofsted, governors and MAT Heads, any time you need it.

Inspire and involve parents

It’s never been easier to engage parents in their child’s learning. Create reports at any time, for sharing on paper or through our online portal. Content can come directly from your formative assessment markbooks, so most of the work is already done!

Share targets, scores, photos, videos and more.

Assess on the go with the Classroom Monitor teacher app

Easy to use and quick to access, the Classroom Monitor teacher app is a vital tool for recording evidence and assessment on the go. It’s a seamless and time-efficient way to link together your day to day activities in the classroom. Recorded assessment judgements and collected evidence feed directly into Classroom Monitor’s online markbooks.

Watch an overview of SIMPLE by Classroom Monitor

Securely hosted, Simple by Classroom Monitor is an innovate cloud-based platform accessible from any online device. SIMPLE provides effective data that can raise school standards, let us show you how.

Formative assessment

The fastest and easiest method of recording teacher judgements

Record formative assessment, your way

  • Any time – record learning as it happens in the classroom or when it suits you.
  • Any way – use your desk computer, tablet or mobile phone app.
  • Anywhere – it’s online and always with you.
  • All your data – save time with one click assessment and target setting.
  • All your evidence – record photos, video, audio and notes.

Share your assessments and feed them straight back into learning

Our Assessment Summary Reports are perfect for showing progress. Theyʼll help make sure your formative assessment feeds directly back into improving teaching and learning. Thereʼs a report for every stakeholder and every event, changing the conversations you have with pupils, parents, SLT and governors.

Understand the effectiveness of your curriculum

Ensure your curriculum leads teaching & learning

Analytics and educational insights

  • Monitor pupil performance against targets and expectations, all on one platform.
  • Improve learning outcomes with your school’s learning objectives, instructional strategies and planning – all aligned.
  • Compare cohorts and monitor vulnerable groups using attainment, progress, attendance and ‘on track’ measures.
  • Live view of school data including an ‘Osfted ready’ dashboard.

Demonstrate quality of education

Instantly turn results and targets into live analysis of your whole school. Senior leaders can accelerate school improvement with reliable data that’s always Ofsted-ready. It will even synchronise with your school’s MIS so your data management is centralised and fully flexible.

Reporting to parents

Showcase achievement & engage parents with instant reports

Include parents in the learning journey

  • Build personal learning profiles as the year progresses.
  • Achievements and targets recorded in the formative assessment markbooks feed directly into reports.
  • Improve parental access through our secure online portal.
  • Showcase pupil achievement with photos, videos and notes.
  • Share learning resources with parents so they can support their child’s progress.

Your formative assessment goes even further with Classroom Monitor

Good communication with parents can make a big difference to pupils realising their potential. Our report writing tool links assessment scores to meaningful descriptions and achievements. You can also map out future goals with shared learning resources. By using the formative assessment markbooks the groundwork is already done!

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