Showcase your high standards. Give pupils and parents more value with bespoke progress tracking.

Classroom Monitor supports your strategies for recording and analysing assessment data, helping you gain even greater insight and impact in your school. As well as supporting teachers in the classroom with the fastest way to record assessment, Classroom Monitor provides parental engagement solutions and enables school leaders to triangulate their data, benchmark against standards and be fully prepared for ISI inspections.

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Supporting independent schools to success

Customise to your curriculum

Classroom Monitor is totally customisable to any curriculum, assessment framework or content you wish to add.

Unite parents, pupils and teachers

There’s a report for every stakeholder and every occasion, changing the conversations you have with pupils, parents, SLT and governors.

Enhance professional judgements

Easily combine formative assessment, external data and evidence of pupil work to support judgements and moderation.

Manage all your assessment data in one place

Import your test scores and synchronise with your MIS to provide a holistic view of your teaching and learning.

Identify and solve interventions

Manage and monitor pupil cohorts to identify and solve interventions for able, talented, SEND and other groups.

Record achievements on mobile devices

Capture evidence and present attainment and progress as it happens with photos, videos and sound recordings.

Independent schools excel with Classroom Monitor

See how independent schools in the UK and around the world use Classroom Monitor to maintain high standards in these school stories.

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Progress your career with the Classroom Monitor Academy

Ensuring your school gains the maximum value and educational impact from Classroom Monitor is our number one priority. The Classroom Monitor Academy provides three distinct training pathways tailored to the user roles and responsibilities within your school. Each training pathway is supported with a mixture of documentation, participation in webinars and supporting materials.

Helping educators to be outstanding

Designed for school leaders

Consistent data you can be confident in to drive pupil progress meetings and engage every stakeholder in improving teaching and learning with insightful data reports. Progress that speaks for itself.

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Designed for teachers

Save time and simplify how your secure pupil progress. By using the most flexible formative assessment tool, you can enhance your planning and pupil tracking, with no pointless admin.

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Designed for school group leaders

Strike the balance between autonomy and flexibility. Classroom Monitor gives you a central solution for sharing KPIs, moderation, best practice and curriculum resources between schools.

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