Classroom Monitor supports accountability and raises standards across the board, whilst cutting your data and admin workload.

One of the biggest challenges facing many Multi Academy Trusts (MATs) is striking the right balance between giving schools autonomy whilst ensuring that the central body meets its aims and obligations. Classroom Monitor gives school groups a central solution for sharing key performance indicators, best practice and curriculum resources between schools.

Reasons to love Classroom Monitor

Aligned to your curriculum framework

Classroom Monitor can be fully aligned to your MAT’s curriculum and assessment formats. This in turn supports moderation with shared exemplification. A central bank of learning resources, lesson plans and examples of pupils’ work helps teachers save time with planning and moderation.

Instant access to management KPIs

Addressing the challenge of striking the right balance between giving schools the required autonomy, whilst ensuring the MAT meets its aims and obligations. Shared and individual school KPIs can be automatically aggregated and analysed to ensure you are Ofsted ready with instant access reports.

We recommend Classroom Monitor to our schools as a tool that allows teachers to make formative assessment judgements against both United Learning and custom school KPIs. This follows a successful pilot run of Classroom Monitor in several of our schools.”

James Garnett, United Learning

The heads, working together, went out to the market and came to the conclusion that Classroom Monitor was something that wasn’t only right for that particular point in time, but was flexible enough to keep changing as we wanted to change.”

Matt Freeston, CEO of LEARNERs’ Trust

Having found the right solution for the school means that now, our leadership team has instant access to ready-made data reports, allowing us to better triangulate our thinking and our evidence.”

Fiona Cottam, Hartland International School

MAT CEOs success with Classroom Monitor

Assess on the go with Classroom Monitor

Easy to use and quick to access, reduce teacher workload with Classroom Monitor optimised for mobile devices – a vital tool for recording evidence and assessment on the go. It’s a seamless and time-efficient way to link together your day to day activities in the classroom. Recorded pupil assessment and collect evidence to feed directly into Classroom Monitor’s online markbooks.

Simple point in time assessment

Fast and simple recording against your curriculum. Import any test data to compare against markbook assessments to validate and make professional teacher judgements with Classroom Monitor.

Insight, analysis and visibility for MAT CEOs

Read how MAT CEOs are using Classroom Monitor to provide visibility, ensure curriculum coverage and consistent assessment across the whole school group.

Teacher with a tablet

Progress your career with the Classroom Monitor Academy

Ensuring your school gains the maximum value and educational impact from Classroom Monitor is our number one priority. The Classroom Monitor Academy provides three distinct training pathways tailored to the user roles and responsibilities within your school. Each training pathway is supported with a mixture of documentation, participation in webinars and supporting materials.

Assess against any curriculum, whatever your setting. Record assessments once, report in multiple ways to support whole school improvement.

MAT leaders can cut their teachers’ workload dramatically with Classroom Monitor. Our online tool gives you the fastest way to record assessment and evidence, helping you to focus on improving outcomes. Benefit from instant access to ready-made data reports that have a real impact for inspectors, governors, parents and Multi Academy Trusts. Demonstrate to all your key stakeholders that you’re on top of school improvement.

Classroom Monitor stands out by facilitating a broad and balanced curriculum design. From the basic to the most complex, you have total control over your objectives and how they’re assessed. Our expert team of former teachers and leaders understand what you’re looking for and will help you achieve it. Our goal is the same as yours: to improve teaching and learning for every child. We get you there with the effective use of assessment and data. It’s why we’re trusted by 53,000 educators in over 2,000 schools.

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