More ways to show small-step progress and assess each pupil with SEND to their own personal needs

When you need to track a wide range of abilities and behaviours for pupils with SEND, Classroom Monitor makes it much easier to record judgements and plan next steps. Most other trackers will only ever classify pupils with SEND as working below age-related expectations. Classroom Monitor is different: you can assess pupils in the way that works best for them and for you, with a focus on positive outcomes. Create visual learning journeys automatically using evidence captured. Ideal for any age range or setting.

Pupil with SEND

Used in over 200 SEND and EBD settings

Assessing pupils with SEND post P-scales

Classroom Monitor is fully customisable to any curriculum framework. We also offer an off-the-shelf framework, designed by Access to Education (A2E).

Progression through the markbooks

Recognise and record small steps in pupil progress by focusing on positive outcomes and next-steps rather than under-achievement.

Share progress through Assessment Summaries

The Assessment Summaries pull together information and evidence that is collected in the markbooks. Great for sharing with pupils, parents and stakeholders.

Measure what matters

The markbook enables you to assess against any criteria you need to, including none academic behaviours and skills.

Bridging the National Curriculum gap

Break down or add learning objectives enabling small steps to be recognised and gaps between levels to be more achievable.

Record achievements with the Teacher App

Easily record the moments when progress is made, through photos, videos and sound recordings to demonstrate their achievements. Learning evidence can then be used to automatically generate visual Learning Journeys to demonstrate progress.

Measure what matters with Classroom Monitor

Read how Classroom Monitor is fulfilling the unique requirements of SEND schools to measure what matters, recognising small steps in achievement. Tracking SEN pupil progress has never been easier.

Teacher with a tablet

Progress your career with the Classroom Monitor Academy

Ensuring your school gains the maximum value and educational impact from Classroom Monitor is our number one priority. The Classroom Monitor Academy provides three distinct training pathways tailored to the user roles and responsibilities within your school. Each training pathway is supported with a mixture of documentation, participation in webinars and supporting materials.

Helping educators to be outstanding

Designed for school leaders

Consistent assessment data you can be confident in to drive pupil progress meetings and engage every stakeholder in improving teaching and learning with insightful data reports. Progress that speaks for itself.

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Designed for teachers

Save time and simplify how your secure pupil progress. By using the most flexible formative assessment tool, you can enhance your planning and target tracking, with no pointless admin.

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Designed for school group leaders

Strike the balance between autonomy and flexibility. Classroom Monitor gives you a central solution for sharing KPIs, moderation, best practice and curriculum resources between schools.

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