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Curriculum Design
Curriculum Design: Refining assessment of your whole curriculum

Curriculum Design: Ofsted have made the point that the new framework will place much more emphasis “on the substance of…

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Reduce workload in your school: Be streamlined – collect once, use many times

Back to school! Everyone involved in education begins September full of enthusiasm and ambition to make this year the best…

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Assessment is for learning: Maintaining a broad and balanced curriculum

As KS2 test results were returned to primary schools in England this week. Teacher and SLT focus is very much…

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Formative assessment
Assessment is for learning: Use of formative assessment

Three years ago, schools in England were given the option to administer a Reception baseline that would then be used…

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Assessment is for learning: Using summative tests

In the first blog in this series, we outlined some of the challenges of teaching within an accountability framework –…

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International Success for Classroom Monitor

Over the last 12 months, Classroom Monitor has continued to grow its community of schools both in the UK and…

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Assessment is for learning: Teaching in an accountability framework

As we hurtle towards the main test and exam season, the educational and general press has a plethora of stories…

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Moderation and Monitoring Best Practice: External Scrutiny

External scrutiny has always been a tricky topic as there are so many factors which come into play and many…

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Moderation and Monitoring Best Practice: Curriculum Tracking

In a previous moderation and monitoring blog we touched briefly on curriculum tracking. With teaching and learning at the forefront…

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